Protecting Our Tax Dollars

Davidson County is booming.  Tax revenue continues to increase year over year.  The residents of District 10 do not get equal service from the rest of Metro Nashville yet still pay the General Services District tax rate.  More than half of the residents of District 10 live in Goodlettsville, where the city streets are paved and maintained by the City of Goodlettsville.  Those same residents still pay the GSD tax rate to Metro, where a portion of the funds are used to maintain roads. When is the last time you saw Metro write Goodlettsville a check for road maintenance?  All of District 10 deserves to be treated fairly by the Metro government, because all of District 10 pays the GSD property tax to Metro. District 10 residents are tired of paying for services Metro doesn’t provide to them.  Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on Downtown Nashville, while the forgotten parts of Davidson County, like District 10, hold the note. Yes, Downtown Nashville pumps lots of sales tax dollars into our local economy, but it’s time we focus on the forgotten parts of Davidson County.

Serving Those Who Serve Us

Public employees are the backbone of the Metro Government.  Every day, they go to work to drive ambulances, arrest criminals, teach our students, patch potholes, and more.  These dedicated employees were promised cost of living raises yet Metro broke its promise. Davidson County is experiencing an economic boom and millions of dollars of property taxes are being given away to big-shot developers, yet there is somehow not enough money to give needed raises to public employees.

Governing Our Growth

Everyday, Davidson County is growing by leaps and bounds.  While it’s important to welcome growth and prosperity, it’s incumbent upon us to govern the growth to ensure it’s sustainable and not harmful.  District 10 is full of some great business districts like Rivergate and Dickerson Road. This district is also defined by its suburban and rural areas on the outskirts of the county.  It is absolutely imperative that the rural character of Northern Davidson County is protected from urban sprawl. More than half of the land in the district is inside the city limits of Goodlettsville, where the City of Goodlettsville controls the planning and zoning.  All growth is not bad, however, the development that occurs has to be carefully planned and vetted by the members of the community at meetings and listening sessions. Zach will make preservation a key piece of the zoning strategy for District 10.

Clearly Communicating with Constituents

It’s often difficult to keep up with what Metro is doing that will affect the Goodlettsville/Rivergate area.  Being accessible and transparent is something Zach has made the cornerstone of his time in public service. Through social media, email, phone, text, and in person, Zach has shown the Goodlettsville/Rivergate area what it means to be open and accessible.